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Art Photos

Student Bottle Art
Polar Bear
Every child is an artist

Art Links

Art for Kids

For EVERYONE: This awesome website is full of hundreds of "how-to" art videos,  mostly drawing videos, some painting, sculpture and even origami videos. Explore this website and I guarantee you will have a lot of ART FUN and increase your art skills too! 

Optical Art

For 4th-5th Grade: Hey Everybody! Want to create a really cool Optical Illusion artwork? All you need is a piece of paper and pencil and then click on this website. It's easy and fun! 

Pixil Art

For ALL grades K-5: Practice your drawing and painting skills with this website. Have fun creating your designs!

Leonardo Da Vinci

For 3rd - 5th Grade: Leonardo Da Vinci is one of the most famous artists in the world. He was not only a painter, but an inventor, scientist, sculptor, and many more things. Learn all about him in this website.

Drawing Now

All grades: Practice your drawing skills with this website. It allows you to watch the drawing videos step by step so you can draw at your own pace! Have fun!

Art Projects for Kids

All grades: This website has all kinds of fun art projects from drawing lessons, to cardboard crafts, weaving, paper mache and even ceramics! You can browse by grade level or by medium.

Picasso Head

One Motion Sketch and Paint